a kitten-nap


There once lived a cat. She was soft on her belly and behind her ears. She never fell asleep in a moment. It was always a gradual, mellow activity. Laying still, stretching out and blinking many a times before finally deciding to call it. And even then, frown and click her eye-brows until she really drifted off into sleep.

She was my kitten, for one day. For one afternoon’s nap. And then she went her way. She was never my kitten, was she 🙂


This was an email before it got here 🙂

Today was a great day of story writing in school! i did a group story with 2nd graders, among other things. A group story is where one person starts the story and each one adds to it. In this class, I started with a sentence and each child could come up and write 1 to 3 more sentences in continuation. I thought this story that came out was so sweet and simplistic and an honest reflection of how simplistic and easily balancing relationships are in the minds of these 6/7 year olds!
In the Pacific Ocean, there lived an Octopus. It had long tentacles and a spooky face. He (i started with it, but the next girl made him a he!) was a rare octopus as unlike others who have three lives, he had only one. He stayed in one place all the time. One day, he went to the Indian Ocean but it was too cold and he almost froze. SO, he went back to the Pacific Ocean and met a crab. The crab asked, “Do you have any friends?”, he said “No”. “Okay” said the crab, “We can be friends.” They played in the ocean and floated away to the SOuthern Ocean. There, the crab bite the octopus. “Aaaaah!”, shouted the octopus and asked “Why did you bite me Crab?”. “Because the ocean water is salty”, said the crab. The Octopus drank some of the ocean water by mistake and it tasted very bad. The crab then said, “Sorry. I am your friend.” The octopus said, “Okay”. Then all the other fish, crabs and octopuses in the ocean came and they had lot of fun. The octopus said, “Thank you for a very happy day!”.
To simple friendships and happy days, well spent in the oceans 🙂

detaching in art…or not..or yes, or not!

i imagine making art in a very detached space..detached physically, detached emotionally, detached socially. i don’t mean for ‘detached’ to be a negative state to be in..but one where there isn’t the pressure of performance, there isn’t the haunting gaze of judgement. Detached is from the social….and at the same time immensely and deeply attached with the inside…with what one is feeling, thinking, perceiving. But then so much of what one feels, thinks, judges and processes is influenced by what is around one, what kind of people or ideas one engages with. And in that sense, there is no detachment. And then again art holds within it, the power to find oneself in a thoughtless space…where all that is active is the moment of the fingers. And in that moment one is as detached as one can be.

i just came full circle! or a squiggly shape that looks like a circle 😛 Either ways, all hail the discovery & invention of art!! Make lots of art and dream away!




You know how people say home is where family is…and that a house is just a bunch of walls, a home is where you are with people you love. Not true. Well, true. But not the only true, true there is! Home is also about the walls. The walls that might have had cement peeling off which tasted delicious in the monsoon. Home is also about that garden…no no, not the garden in which you spent the afternoon with your mum or sister or a friend or a loved one…just the garden; the physical space of the garden. Home is also about the many lanes and by-lanes that lead to home and lead away from home. Home is about the night sky outside that bed-room window, the tree that was a roosting spot for a baby golden oriole. Home is also definitely that patch of sunlight in winter, just by the balcony door that lasts only about 20 minutes right around 11:00 a.m. Home is also the end of the road after a long evening’s walk. You see how no other road will end to that very same home?! How no other window will open to that very branch on which that ball of yellow feathers roosts?! How no other garden will have the same feisty red ant fall from the drumstick tree?!

So don’t tell me home is where family is and so one is moving and leaving behind many memories but one is still with family and hence will always be at home. Home is also all the other stuff that is in the physical realm. And no place will be home the way that home was. And that is okay. It makes it that much more special.


Our feelings (anger, shame, delight) appear almost instantly, and, left alone, they don’t last very long. But if we invent a narrative around an event or a person, we can keep the feeling going for a very long time. Pavlov (ring a bell?) helped us see that a dog could learn to associate one thing with another. Humans are way better than this than dogs. If you’re not happy with the feeling, try dropping the narrative. After all, it’s your narrative, the story you have to keep telling yourself again and again, that’s causing the feeling to return.

Seth Godin

a thought shared in good time goes a long way; thank you, J


The first sight he saw was that of the flower and he instantly knew what this meant. Sukmi then emerged, layer by layer – truth first, sweat next, flesh and bones in the end. She placed her hand on his and they both took their first walk together.

Swetha, A Hornbill’s Love (August ’16)


a kitchen, a chef and his act

One moment he is an avalanche gushing down the mountain, scattering all that comes in his way and another moment he is like the bird in the mountain, poking his beak around with suspicious curiosity as he makes his way through. In a flash of blurring movements, he has grabbed a fistful of garlic cloves, rinsed it and dispersed on to the cutting board; one hand holding the tip of the knife, another firmly around the handle, the finely shaped cloves are tattered bits in a matter of seconds and it fills the air with it’s juices! And they are thrown on to the pan as a farmer would throw seeds on one’s farm. In another blur of movements, in go sliced onions and with a confident arm he picks up the pan, tilts it down a little and gives it a good twist and toss making the onions and garlic sizzle and jump; a quirky smile on his face, happy with himself on being so cool & precise with the pan tossing! And then he waits patiently for the onions to brown; no hurried swishing around the onions with a ladle or re-adjusting heat from low to high to low, “they don’t need to be molly-coddled into browning, you know”, he chuckles.

Meanwhile, an order for a Jack-fruit Smoothie. A mixing jar is propped on to the machine. He is  an avalanche again! A little of coconut milk, a little of soya milk tilted seemingly in random proportions into the jar (except that he knows exactly how much he wants of each, down to the drop!!), but not before he carefully tastes a drop of each, raises an eye-brow & judges it’s freshness and in a splash they are in the jar. A fistful of squishy jack-fruit thrown in with the milks, a headless-chicken like walk around the kitchen and he is back with a grater and what seems like a big nut and in a matter of quick wrist jerks, he has grated the nut right into the jar while he held the grater above it in mid air! And again, precise to just the right amount of nut shavings he wants! A round or two to let the machine do it’s job and what looked like yellow blobs floating in milk is now a dense flowing burst of ripened jack-fruit smells with a hint of nuttiness. He pours himself a spoonful of it, takes a quick sniff and then a slow sip, scrunching his nose, eyes narrowed & widened, eyebrows frowned and relaxed as he judges the flavors in the spoonful and ends with a wide smile! Without any more thought, pours in a glassful, right up to the brim and sends it off to what will be a delighted guest!

And the onions have beautifully browned, as if in planned synchrony with the smoothie rush! A handful of finely grated carrot goes in and soon after, bowls full of squishy squished tomatoes are poured in; a sprinkle of assorted powders in an act of magical illusion like you would imagine a witch bent over a pot cooking up magical potions. A gentle but firm mix with an old fashioned wooden ladle and this pan is left forgotten for a long long while. Slow Cooked Tomato Sauce, thick & tangy with a tinge of sweetness; you will know it is ready when the air fills with a smell that is tangy in itself! Everything smells almost just as it tastes, it is like one can smell the taste! Not everyone can cook like that.

He is such a delight to watch while he cooks! He is a madcap with knives & ladles; moving from frown to smile, from brisk slicing & chopping to hopping around looking for things, from rushed mixing & tossing to slow & careful sprinkling, all in a matter of moments and movements. The kitchen looks like a flood has hit it when he is done…and well, he was the flood that hit it! Except, this flood brings with it all things delicious with crave-inducing smells!

He, is a chef/baker/founder at/of Terrassen Cafe (www.facebook.com/poetsandoats/) *